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The news from freediving and Apneaman

Apneaman in the Weekend programme at Nova TV

Nova TV sent a crew of the programme Weekend to make a report about freediving and our representative hope Jindřiška Zajacová...

Maldivian boat trip 2019

Our last trip to the Maldives was really amazing! Despite the organizational complications with the boat and the delay of our court photographer Vašek Krpelík, I think that this trip was the most successful we have ever experienced!

Kid´s freediving

Freediving is absolutely natural and fun activity for children...

AIDA Czech National Championship 2019

This year the Czech AIDA National Championship took place in České Budějovice in the 50m swimming pool on Saturday 25.5.

Russian Open National Depth Championship 2019

From 20 to 22 May, Martin Zajac and Jindřiška Zajacová participated in the Russian Open National Depth Championship in Egypt.

Tutto Sub suit test
Sharm El Sheikh

Martin tested his new pool competition suit during the traditional Apneaman Training Camp training event in Egypt.

AIDA Czech National Championship 2019

AIDA Czech National Championship 2019 on 25th of May 2019

Světlana Jägerová - LANZAROTE Museo Atlántico 2018

Lanzarote, the only underwater museum in Europe - the Museo Atlántico with life-size statues from the British sculptor Taylor.

Jindřiška Zajacová with APNEAMAN on Thistlegorm

This video is from Thistlegorm wreck, Egypt.

Training trip with Martin Zajac

Video about the training event in Egypt with Martin Zajac.

Jindřiška Zajacová with APNEAMAN on Giannis D

This video is from Giannes D wreck, Egypt.

Video from NLT dive of Martin Zajac to 108m

Finally, here is the video from my NLT dive to - 108m. It was a very nice, comfortable and relaxed dive ...

NEW video from Deep Training stage and video from children’s safari in Egypt

Have a look at how Deep Training stage in cooperation with Pascal Huron took place and how the smallest children were doing while diving on children’s safari in Egypt...

Interview – World Championship in freediving 2016 (Kalamata - Greece)

17th – 25th September 2016 World Championship in freediving of freediving teams of AIDA took place in Kalamata in Greece. Our national team brings historic achievements from this difficult competition.

Children’s Egypt safari 2016

Let us have a look at how the smallest children enjoyed this year’s Egypt safari...

Czech champions as guests of the show SAMA DOMA (HOME ALONE)

Martin Zajac, Martin Valenta, Alena Konečná and little Lili as guests of the show SAMA DOMA (HOME ALONE)

The best freedivers in the world are from the Czech Republic!

Those of us who are quite lucky get to work in ten minutes. The others are able to have a quick lunch in the same period of time. But there are even people among us who manage to spend similar period of time on one breath under the water.

Czech freediving champions succeeded in staying under water over six minutes

Prague – One of the less known diving branches is freediving and Czechs achieve success in it. Only this year they have gained four world titles and three world records on the top of that. Barbora Ivanská and Martin Valenta rejoiced in victory at the championship of the Czech Republic in Prague.

New depth world record CMAS in freediving!

Czech freediver Michal Rišian made a new world record in freediving on Sunday 10th July 2016 in the Austrian lake Attersee, where he dived into depth of -65 meters in the discipline of constant weight without fins in fresh water (hereinafter CNF), led by the world association of CMAS. Dive time was 2 minutes and 54 seconds. He moved thereby the existing record by 4 metres.

Apneaman brought gold and bronze from Finland!

Czech freedivers brought gold and bronze this year from the Swimming Pool World Championship in freediving! This year’s World Championship in the swimming pool disciplines of freediving held by the AIDA organization took place in Turku in Finland. Two competitors in freediving, Gabriela Grézlová and Martin Valenta, together with the trainer Martin Zajac, all from the Apneaman team, represented the Czech Republic at the turn of June and July 2016.

Martin Zajac was a guest of Radiožurnál (Radiojournal)

No oxygen bottles, only peace of mind. Freediving is a safe sport, but it has its rules! Martin Zajac as a guest of the moderator Lucie Výborná.

Opening hours in days from 4th to 6th July 2016

Apnea centre will be closed in days from 4th to 6th July 2016

Lyon (France) - OPEN APNEE race

On Friday, 25th May in the morning, part of the Apneaman racing team set out for a team race in Lyon. The team race was called OPEN APNEE and it was very unique.

Mares event is here ! ! !

Didn’t you have enough time to buy new equipment during the first week of action? Don’t worry! A next action is here! This time it will be related to products of the brand Mares.

News of brand Mares are finally in stock!

News of the brand Mares finally arrived and they are in stock. Do not hesitate and come to see them into our store.