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The best freedivers in the world are from the Czech Republic!

Alena Konečná and Michal Rišian (the second from the right) dived to depth of 60 or 78 metres (Photo: Facebook Diveye)

Those of us who are quite lucky get to work in ten minutes. The others are able to have a quick lunch in the same period of time. But there are even people among us who manage to spend similar period of time on one breath under the water. They are freedives and Czechs among them belong to the world’s elite, which they testified also at the recent championship in Turkey, from which they brought four medals and thereby they showed again that it is possible to dive even without the sea.

Czechs were the best twice at the past world championship. Michal Rišian and Alena Konečná dived to 78 or to 60 meters in the discipline of constant weight without fins and not only did they win the gold medal, but they also broke world records.

It is a paradox, because the Czech Republic has no sea. It may however be an advantage, says Martin Zajac, trainer of the Czech national team.

Deep dives and depth of one hundred to one hundred fifty metres can be simulated even in a small five to ten-metre swimming pool, thinks Martin Zajac, trainer of the Czech freedivers.

„Maybe just because we have no sea, diving attracts and entices us even more. We have quality trainers, but it depends a lot on the competitors and on their conditions and motivation. We can certainly achieve the highest goals both now and in the future,“ believes Mr Zajac. 

There are freediving races both in the sea and in the swimming pool. Freedivers try to get as deep as possible on the open water, but in the artificial tanks they float most often on the water surface with their face turned to the bottom or the competitors try to swim the longest possible distance.

Dry preparation is necessary for both, which is another thing that you can do even in our country in inland. „There are exercises we do aground. If a person does not manage pressurization and all techniques aground, it makes no sense to go to the water,“ says Mr Zajac.

Also technology makes training easier for the competitors. Deep dives can be trained and depth up to one hundred to one hundred fifty metres can be simulated even in a swimming pool only five to ten metres long. This is also the reason why Czechs belong to the elite in freediving.

But freediving lacks presentation, which is insufficient according to Mr Zajac. It would however help that competitors will not set to the dark depths totally alone. „ An underwater drone was used at the championship now for the first time and it enabled to monitor the entire course of the dive. The race could have been commented by experts and depth as well as dive time were seen,“ says Mr Zajac.