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Video from NLT dive of Martin Zajac to 108m

Finally, here is the video from my NLT dive to - 108m. It was a very nice, comfortable and relaxed dive. :) I did not feel any pressure on my chest, the equalization worked perfectly ... I feel that if I stayed in Sharm for two or three more days, it would go much deeper. I would just move the MTF a bit deeper and the final result could be very interesting. I look forward to the next season! I hope that I will be able to organize better my time also for training and competing ... Thanks to Andrea Zuccari, Tito Zappalà, Alena Zabloudilová, Romana Zajacová, Jindřiška Zajacová, Jana Škrobová and to all friends for their great support and to Vlasta Urban for a super nice video from my deepest dive ever! Jazdaaaaaa!! :))