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Tutto Sub suit test
Sharm El Sheikh

Martin tested his new pool competition suit during the traditional Apneaman Training Camp training event in Egypt. As you can see in the video, Martin gave a very nice DYN 210m performance with a very nice technique and without much effort! He wasn't going to the maximum, it was just a suit and form test before the upcoming Russian Open Depth National Championship. What does Martin say about the suit?

"The suit is absolutely excellent! I'm excited about it for a number of reasons! The suit is tailor-made, has a perfect fit and compresses freediver like a competition swimsuit! The freedom in the shoulders is amazing and saves a lot of energy during the dive and allows much better relaxation and better feeling of water! The suit is glued, made of 1 or 1.5 mm neoprene in black or blue, gives the freediver good thermal comfort and with good buoyancy also a good glide! I have not experienced such a pleasant dynamic for a long time! I can highly recommend it to all those who are trying to perform in DYN and DNF. "

The suit can of course be measured and ordered at Apneaman centre. If you are interested in more information, contact