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Russian Open National Depth Championship 2019

From 20 to 22 May, Martin Zajac and Jindřiška Zajacová participated in the Russian Open National Depth Championship in Egypt. The 10-day training camp, which is traditionally held at Freediving World Center in Sharm el Sheikh, was enough for them to heat up for the beginning of the season. For Jindřiška it was her first depth competition and we are happy to say that she did a great job and overall they did very well! Martin took gold in FIM with -95m and bronze in CWT Bifins with new -91m national record! At the age of 17, Jindřiška performed nice dives at the depth competition of her sports career. In both disciplines she improved her training maximums by 3m and both competition dives were done with a good reserve! She finished second at FIM with a performance of -65m and in the royal discipline CWT did even -75m and took the silver again! We congratulate both our athletes on nice performances and medals and we are looking forward to September, when they will represent us at the AIDA World Championship in Nice.

You can find the whole gallery HERE.