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Apneaman in the Weekend programme at Nova TV

Nova TV sent a crew of the programme Weekend to make a report about freediving and our representative hope Jindřiška Zajacová. As you know, Jindřiška is a very strong freediver for her age, especially at depths. At the age of seventeen, Jindřiška is probably the deepest teenager in the world with a CWT -75m! Jindři has already participated in several depth competitions and did very well. At the Russian Freediving Championship in May 2019 she was silver at CWT and also at FIM, and she was the overall winner of the Authentic Big Blue international competition held in Greece on Amorgos island in September! Big time!
In this reportage you will learn much more about Jindřiška, how she started, what are her other hobbies, why she does freediving...
I hope you'll enjoy the report and that it'll inspire you to train or help you attract friends or family members to freediving... ;)