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Membership Benefits

We invite you to the freediving club Apneaman. We are so glad that you want to join us and become part of our big family. We take care of everyone. We will be very pleased if you decide to become a member. Choose a membership that will benefit you!

Membership fees for 2019

Club membership Basic - 500 Kč

Club membership Advanced - 1.000 Kč

Club membership Professional - 2.000 Kč


Club membership type




1) Membership in the most successful club in the Czech Republic
2) Discounts at the Apnea Center - 10-15 % *
3) Free entrance to the club events
4) Membership in the Association of Divers of the Czech Republic
5) Priority information about promotions
6) Lending equipment without a deposit
7) Own club member profile -
8) Discounted entrance to Aquapalace -20% -
9) Trainer support from athlete members -
10) Discounted prices of uncoached sessions - -
11) Discounted prices of coached sessions - -
12) Discounted prices of courses and tours - -
13) Discounted price of massages -10% - -


* The discount does not apply to custom suits.

The membership fees are mainly used to run the club and to support activities around competition, representation of the club and the Czech Republic. By being a member you are contributing to the development of not only Czech freediving, but also of the world freediving. Join us and become a member of the greatest and historically the most successful club in the Czech Republic, become a part of our Apneaman team!

Thank you for being with us, thanks for your support.

Martin and Apneaman