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Club membership 2018

60 €
Praha, Česká republika
10 free from 100 places

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We invite you to our freediving club of  APNEAMAN. Join a group of relaxed people and participate in club trainings, events and reunions and use benefits that membership in our club brings you :-)

Membership benefits:
- 30% discount on the total amount of admission into the water and sauna world in Aquapalce in Čestlice


- 50% left to enter diving pit at Aquapalace Čestlice in selected dates. From the new year 2018, the standard entrance fee for the diving pit in Aquapalace will be 300, - CZK per person.

- Apneaman club members will have a special admission fee of 150 CZK per person every Tuesday from 10am to 12am, every Friday from 16am to 6pm and every Saturday from 9am to 11am.

-ATTENTION! However, you need to book these times normally, if the term is already booked, you need to book another free term.
- possibility to buy equipment in our store for internet prices
- other discounts on selected goods amounting to 10-15%
- discounted prices of selected courses and trips
- discounted or zero admission to workshops (first aid ...)
- possibility of regular pool trainings
- training and material support in case of representation of the club at races
- in case of race membership, the club pays fee into AIDA ČR for its member!

- 15 - 20% birthday discount on selected equipment
- and last but not least common events (not only diving events) in a group of nice “breath-holders” :-)

Benefits for members of Divers Association of the Czech Republic (Svaz potápěčů ČR):

- discount in the Barbora training centre (Duchcov u Teplic)
- subsidy for club activities
- you do not pay any more charges and fees

Amount of membership fees for 2017
- individual membership   1 500 CZK

- family membership         2 500 CZK (2 adults and 2 childrens up to 15 years)

- race membership        1 500 CZK

If you are interested in membership, please fill in the on-line application below

For further questions or consultations write or call:
Cell phone: +420 608 644 979
Skype: zajac.martin

We look forward to you