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Daedalus a Elphistone

22.-29.04.2018 (8 days)
31 900 Kč
Daedalus, Elphistone, Egypt
Martin Zajac
0 free from 22 places

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Apneaman will go to Daedalus for the first time to at the end of April! It is one of the most distant diving locations in Egypt situated almost in the middle between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The reef has an oval shape up to 500 m wide, its walls fall to the depth of about 500 m and it is a famous location with rich underwater life and great occurrence pelagic fish. Daedalus is a renowned location mainly thanks to sharks. We can see here large schools of bronze hammerhead as well as other shark species like fox sharks, grey sharks, whitetip sharks ... Schools of tunas, barracudas, yellow jacks, surgeonfish and dolphins can be often seen on Daedalus and if we are lucky we can see devilfish as well! We fortunately received permission for a freediving trip in this gorgeous undersea park! :-)

We will come out to sea from Marsa Alam, so we definitely won’t pass up the opportunity to dive with turtles and a dugong in the locations of Marsa Nubarak and Abu Dabab. If we do not stay too long on Daedalus, we will definitely visit the Elphistone reef and a longfin shark as well ;-)  There will definitely be a possibility to train depth along the rope and to improve your performances in depth disciplines FIM, CWT and CNF and to try disciplines NLT and VWT, to which a freediver does not get so easily.

Video from our event from Rocky Islands 2016 

In case of interest you can also have a one-day workshop about techniques of pressure equalization and their training! It will definitely be a great opportunity for divers who have sporting ambitions as well as for divers who have trouble with pressure equalization! Our smart sled will certainly help you practice equalization.

If you would like to take some scuba diving, it is also included in the price of the trip. There are also some sports and entertaining activities as water ski, a banana boat, a paddleboat on the ship...


Video from our event from Marsa Abu Dabbab 2010

Ship Martina I ***** provides its guests with excellent service. Accommodation is in spacious and comfortable cabins with their own air conditioning, refrigerator and bathroom. The ship was launched at the end of 2007 and in January 2018 has been reconstructed!  It belongs with its equipment among luxury boats of the Red Sea and it was awarded with official Egyptian quality certificate CDWS 5*****

Preliminary programme:
First check dive on Mu Barak, after we go to Daedalus, where we spent next two or three days. Then we go to Elphiston, Abu Dabab and Marsa Nubarak. The programme is only preliminary and it may change.

Adult 1 280 EUR
Members of Apneaman club 1 240 EUR

The price of the event includes:
- stay on the boat Martina I *****
- full board including soft drinks
- air tickets Prague-Marsa-Prague, transfers
- divemaster’s services
- trainings and consultations
- dives on the sled
- early start on the first day 20EUR
- lending of buoys and ropes
- lending of loadings
- filling bottles with compressed air

The price of the event does not include:
- Egyptian visa 25USD
- entrances to the national park 80EUR
- travel and diving insurance
- consumption of alcoholic beverages
- bakhshish for personnel 40 EUR

For further questions or consultations write or call:

Cell phone: +420 608 644 979
Skype: zajac.martin

We look forward to you