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Malta Liveaboard

17.-24.10.2020 (8 days)
890 €
Gozo, Comino, Malta
Martin Zajac
0 free from 8 places

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This training event is designated for all freedivers who want to improve their skills in FIM and CWT depth disciplines and at the same time to enjoy freediving in absolutely top locations. It is possible within the event to consult everything from preparation for diving via levelling technique and technique of the individual disciplines up to the training itself. Besides training we will visit beautiful locations suitable for freediving see videos ...

Video from the Malta event 2014

17.10.2020 – arrival to Malta
- boarding the luxury catamaran Lagoon 40
- common purchase of foodstuff
18.-23.10. – sea voyage and diving on the Maltese Islands of Gozo, Comino and Malta, according to the current wind conditions
- morning: training on the depth, afternoon: freediving on the local wrecks, jungle gyms, tunnels and caves
24.10.2020 – flight departure from Malta

What to take with you:
Water temperature in this period is around 24-25C and outside temperature is around 25-28C, but in case a stronger wind blows or a cold front comes, it is suitable to take some warm and windproof clothes. A sleeping bag and a groundsheet are not necessary, the ship is fully equipped with everything you will need on the sea. Take them only in case you want to sleep on the board at night and watch stars.
With regard to the water temperature it is possible to dive both in 3mm and in 5mm suit, but it is necessary to take into consideration that we will be in water at least twice a day and heat losses will accumulate.
Prices of foodstuff at Malta are approximately the same as in our country, so it is needless to take food to the plane. Although there is a well-equipped first-aid kit on the ship, do not forget to take eventual medicaments without which you cannot get along!

Special price for the members of the Apneaman club is 21.900,- CZK

The price of the event includes:
- stay on the catamaran Lagoon 40
- services of a Czech speaking captain
- fuel for sea voyage
- stay in marinas
- trainings and consultations
- record and analysis of your dives
- lending of buoys and ropes
- guide in locations
- an Apneaman t-shirt

The price does not include:
- plane ticket ca. 250 EUR
- travel insurance
- boarding

For further questions or consultations write or call:
Cell phone: +420 608 644 979

We look forward to you