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Training Camp Egypt

30.10.-10.11.2021 (12 days)
570 €
Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt
Martin Zajac
0 free from 16 places

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We invite you to Apneaman Training Camp :-)
This ten-day event is determined to all freedivers who want to improve in depth disciplines, but also in the pool disciplines like static and dynamic apnea - STA, DYN. The event is also suitable for students and freedivers who would like to finish the course or just to refresh what they learnt in the course several years ago and of course move a bit forward, or rather deeper and longer :-) The programme is voluntary of course and everybody can organize it according to his or her own taste.

We will deal with everything that is necessary for diving in free water: techniques of the individual disciplines, pressure equalization techniques, breath and mental techniques, training of depths and also STA ... This year we will spend the whole course dealing with individual analysis of the current state of each participant and the following recommendation of the best possible training procedures for further effective development!!! Output of this training effort will be an integrated conception of how to train effectively and how to improve one’s performances and after experience from ATC 2012 to 2020 we can also promise new valuable personal performances. ;-)

If you are not satisfied with the event, we will give you back the full price of the event!!! But on the other hand, we expect from you maximum engagement!!! ;-)

If you cannot improve yourself, you usually hear from instructors that it is in your head ... But hardly anybody knows what is in the head and how to dispose of it! Therefore I decided to share my many-year experience with you and include into this training event also a course "Mental Training". I believe that it will be very beneficial and that we will thereby move your limits to the current possible maximum! ;-)

What you need for this:
- be at the age of at least 14
- graduate from a certified freediving course
- have a medical examination
- have your own equipment: mask , snorkel , fins, neoprene suit, weight belt
It is possible to lend all equipment for the course.

What you will gain:
- comprehensive information to the training
- you will improve techniques CNF, CWT and FIM
- you will improve pressure equalization technique
- Mental Training course
- Apneaman Training Camp diploma
- opportunity to finish the course L2 - L3

Venue and accommodation:
Freediving World Center diving base in the Labranda hotel in the city of Sharm el Sheikh is one of the best bases specialized in freediving. There is a coral reef in front of the hotel/base and what is the most important for us, water is significantly deep even for training of the best competitors = up to 180m :-) Within Apnea Academy Week we have at disposal two racing platforms, a platton and circa twenty buoys with different depth from 20 to 80m. We have at disposal also a nice 25m swimming pool just at the base. As I have already indicated, Apnea Week will take place at the same time as our course and there will be many freedivers from all over the world on the base ...

The Labranda hotel is part of the Italian resort Eden Village. Nice accommodation with all inclusive service in high standard! The hotel price includes excellent food 3 times a day, snacks during the day and non-alcoholic drinks at bars. Lunch and dinner includes non-alcoholic drinks, bears and wine for free. You can stay in one-, two- or three-bed rooms.
The hotel has swimming pools, a fitness, massage rooms and primarily the Freediving World Apnea Center freediving base, which will provide us within international reunion of freedivers Apnea Academy Week with all service on preferential terms, so we will have the best conditions for our training!!! :-)

You will have an opportunity to relax at the swimming pool or directly at the see or have a massage in free time during the course. There is a nice reef in front of the hotel... There are really many opportunities.

Transport is by air. Transfer from the airport to the hotel (Hotel is in the Tower Bay part) takes approximately 15 to 20min.

Price: 14 900 CZK / 580 EUR

Price for members of the Apneaman club
with Professional membership: 
14 000 CZK / 540 EUR

Recommended equipment:
Low-volume mask - Micromaska, Noah, Mystic
Snorkel - Zoom, Wind ...
Long fins - Apneaman, C4, Mares, Salvimar ...
Neoprene suit - ideally Elios 3 to 5mm of material (can be tailor made)
Weights and rubber bands - 1kg in plastic, Apneautic weight belt... 
Depth gauge - Mares Apneista, Suunto D4i, Salvimar One ...

We can lend you all necessary equipment for the event.

I am at your disposal of course in case you need advice on choosing the equipment. Call, write or you can come to us (from Monday to Friday) directly to Apnea Academy centre in Prague 7, Holešovice market place (Holešovická tržnice), hall no.16. You can newly borrow for a course also freediving fins, computers, suits and weights...

The price includes:
- lectures to the training
- leading of the pool training
- led trainings in depth
- dry training of pressure equalization
- yoga, stretching and breath exercises
- led mental training
- diploma on passing the event

The price does not include:
- transport to the location (ca. 400EUR)
- ransfers airport-hotel (10EUR/person)
- travel insurance
- accommodation (cca 42EUR/person/day)
- equipment rental
- Apnea centre fee (80EUR/week)

For further questions or consultations write or call:
Cell phone: +420 608 644 979
Skype: zajac.martin

We look forward to you