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Equalization Stage I.

13.-13.03.2021 (1 day)
100 €
Praha - Apnea centrum , Česká republika
Martin Zajac
8 free from 12 places

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We invite you to pressure equalization course - Equalization Stage.
Ability to equalize pressure is a thing that usually limits us most during diving in free water. Many advanced and performance freedivers do not have stable performances even after years of training and they "fight" with the equalization technique! This course comprises theoretical and practical lessons, during which you will find out how equalization actually works and how to acquire and improve the right technique. The course is suitable for all freedivers, especially for those who do not equalize at all when they are upside down, but also for freedivers with racing ambitions. Learn to equalize pressure effectively and move your limits!

It is a one-day intensive course, only out of water. If we do not know what we exactly do in a comfortable conditions, it is useless to go to "try something" into the water !!!

The second part, so-called control part, will take place according to interest. The second part serves for verification of your achieved progress and for correction.

Holešovice market place (Holešovická tržnice), hall no. 16, Bubenské nábřeží 306/13, 170 00, Prague 7

What will we solve in the course?
- definition of equalization
- real limits of equalization
- theoretical/virtual limits of equalization
- anatomy of equalization
- soft palate and Eustachian tubes
- equalization techniques
- Valsalva technique
- Frenzel technique
- Hands Free technique
- Mouth Fill technique
- coordination during equalization
- Lung squeeze (barotrauma of lungs from underpressure)
- nose clip ...

What you need for this:
- Otovent

Preliminary programme:

8:30                meeting in Apneacentre

9:00-12:00     theory and practice

12:00-13:00   lunch break

13:00-16:00   theory and practice

16:00-17:00   bonus practice

If you are interested in participation in this event, please fill in the online application below.

For further questions or consultations write or call:
Cell phone: + 420 608 644 979
Skype: zajac.martin

We look forward to you