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Apnea Weekend

02.-04.06.2023 (3 days)
30 €
VS Barbora u Teplic, Česká republika
10 free from 20 places

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We are inviting you to a club event where we will be training together. In the evening we can grill, watch movies, talk... The event is called "Apnea weekend 2023" and it takes place at the best training locality in the Czech Republic, quarry Barbora.

The quarry is approximately 6 km far from Teplice, i.e. ca. 90 km far from Prague. Our freediving APNEAMAN club rented the whole training centre for the period from 2st till 4th June. There are 6 bedrooms, sanitary facilities, a kitchen, a common room, a big garden, where tents can be put up, a fireplace with benches ... There is a pub close to the training centre, where you can go for a lunch or a dinner. This year we reserved a cottage of divers from Most with 10 more beds.

The cottage is situated only 50 - 60 metres far from water and there is a smooth entry into the water via a big steel pontoon. Maximum depth we have ever found in Barbora is 60 m! Water temperature and visibility depend on wind conditions. Last year on the same date, surface water temperature was 20-22 ºC and deep water temperature was classically 4 ºC. It was light 40 m below water surface. Depth 40 – 50 m is ca. 100 m from the pontoon :-)

Close to the shore there is a sunken Warburg 7 m below water surface and a caisson 9 m below water surface and there are training platforms for scuba diving in various depths. There is also a swamped forest where you can see many fish when visibility is good. You can commonly see here pikes and perches and on the platforms you can often see zanders.

There are at least five complete buoys at disposal on the water during the whole event.

Preliminary programme:
Friday – arrival from 15 o’clock, check-in, preparation of buoys, training, camp fire ...
Saturday – training, projection, camp fire, ...
Sunday – training, drying and packing things ...

Prices of accommodation:
Price per bed per night is 400 CZK, total price for the event is 800 CZK (bed linen is included)
Price for accommodation in your own tent on the land of VS including using of common area and sanitary facilities is 180 CZK per day.
Entry to the centre including using common area without accommodation is 100 CZK per day.

If you are interested in participation in this event, please fill in the online application below

For further questions or consultations write or call:
Cell phone: +420 608 644 979

We look forward to you
Martin and team