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Club membership APNEAMAN

40 €
Praha, Česká republika
40 free from 100 places

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We invite you to the Apneaman freediving club. We are so glad that you want to join us. Membership is great for members who are more active and can use all the benefits of this membership. The membership brings many benefits to everyone, also for those with sport or even competitive ambitions. Part of the membership fee goes to support representation of our team and also to our joint actions and excursions.

1) Membership in the most successful club inthe Czech Republic

2) Discounts at the Apnea Center
- You can choose from a wide sortiment for (but not only for) freediving at our brick and mortar shop

3) Discounted entrance price to the club events
- events organised for the club members
- Christmas party, Apneaman weekends with the Apmneaman staff and club members with new stuff, movies, diving (the member pays for accommodation, meals, etc. at weekend stays)

4) Membership in the Association of Divers of the Czech Republic
- discount at the Barbora training center (Duchcov u Teplic)

5) Priority information about promotions
- In the case of special offers in our apnea center, we will inform you in advance by e-mail

6) Lending equipment without a deposit
- you can borrow all the equipment from our rentals

7) Discounted entrance to Aquapalace -20%
- in case of interest, it is necessary to order in advance at email

8) Trainer support for competing members
- support from a great trainer and coach Martin Zajac

9) Discounted prices of uncoached sessions

10) Discounted prices of coached sessions

11) Discounted prices of courses and tours

We are glad that you want to join us and become a member of Apneaman. Each freediver is welcome, regardless his/her performance or sport ambitions.

For further questions and informations please cuntact us at:
phone: +420 608 644 979

We are looking forward to our shared moments.

Thank you...