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About us

We are a company providing comprehensive services in the area of breath-in diving – freediving.

Our goal and mission is to raise awareness about this beautiful and beneficial sport, bring to freediving as many people as possible and provide them with the best possible training, information and conditions for its safe and beneficial exercise. We believe that freediving as a lifestyle is one of ways to healthy, balanced and happy life. Freediving is on the rise all over the world, it is possible to say that it experiences its boom and we are happy that we can be present there.

We would like to help you on the way in the world of freedom, peace, relaxation, friendship and independence.


Apneaman club was founded in 2006 and the Apneaman s.r.o. company was founded a year later. The first freediving course took place in 2007. Martin Zajac completed in 2008 an international Apnea Academy instructor course under the leadership of Umberto Pelizzari, the world champion, so as to move training to the highest possible level. Martin has been cooperating with Umberto since 2010 as an instructor trainer on training of new instructors and the centre of Apneaman became an Apnea Academy International office and provides certification service for the whole international zone. We also have representation of the Apnea Academy training system for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the whole Eastern Europe.


We represent global brands

Beside the internet shop, we opened in Prague in 2009 a specialized shop with equipment for freedivers. No quality and proven equipment was available in our country at that time, no one understood it and was able to give advice.

Therefore we started to cooperate with the renowned global manufacturers as Elios, C4, Salvimar, Skorpio, Waterway, Leaderfins, BlackTech and Apneautic, which we currently represent in our country. You will find in our shop also equipment of other renowned brands as Omer, Sporasub, Suunto, Mares, Aquasphere, Aeris, Lavacore and more.

As we know how important it is for freediving to select suitable equipment, we try to keep in stock a maximum amount of products, so that freedivers can try them before they buy them. It it not a good idea to buy fins, masks and suits only via internet shop … Personal approach, individual care and professional counselling service when choosing equipment is a matter of course in our company.

Learn from the best!

Since 2007 we organize courses of all levels and specializations, training events, workshops and diving trips to interesting locations all over the world. World manufacturers overslept a little bit unfortunately and we lacked suitable equipment for these activities, especially for education and training. Therefore we started to develop our own equipment.

We started to produce buoys, bags for long fins and monofins and in 2010 we produced our first nose clip. It became the most purchased nose clip in the world in a short time thanks to its properties and design and it keeps its position till today. Other innovative ideas of new products logically led in 2012 to foundation of subsidiary company named APNEAUTIC s.r.o and we started to work on other special products.

So as to raise awareness of freediving among the general public, we use mainly filmmaking and press releases about international successes of our representatives. We regularly bring high quality film documents from our courses, trips and races in cooperation with producer and cameraman Vlastimil Urban and its company UW. We can prove it by acknowledgements from many international film festivals.

You find everything in one place in our company!

An equipment rental and a test centre are newly at disposal as well. Thanks to the equipment rental, students don’t have to buy new equipment before their first course any more and at the same time they have suitable equipment in this course, which will show itself significantly on their results and performance. This service will be certainly welcomed by „occasional“ freedivers, who run freediving once or twice a year.

Test centre enables to try fins, monofins, watches, masks … even before purchase and thus to prevent wrong selection of size, hardness ...

We develop, innovate, produce and dispatch worldwide!

Apneaman the freediving club has been for several years a synonym of top team and national representation. It is however not just an association of competitors. Apneaman has steadily about 60 members. Students and freedivers have possibility of further growth thanks to our club of Apneaman.

We organize year round regularly conducted and not conducted pool trainings, club excursions and reunions. Beside many membership advantages as for example discount -30% for total admission in Aquapalace Čestlice, discount for pool trainings, special actions for selected products… people interested in racing and representation of the club have our full support. Join us and become our part!

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Martin Zajac

  • Founder of the sport club and company
  • Graduate of Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at the Charles University in Prague, instructor specialization
  • Instructor and member of the international team
  • Representative of the Slovak Republic in freediving, Top 10 world athlete 2007 to 2011
  • Representative instructor of the Czech Republic from 2009 till 2015
  • Awards for "Best Coach" AIDA International 2011
  • Apnea Academy Instructor # IS08CZ4330
  • Apnea Academy Instructor „Advanced Equalization“ and „Variable & No Limit“
  • NAUI Instructor # 47397, CMAS Dive Master, CMAS Oxygen Provider
  • ...more HERE

Václav Podařil

  • Leader of the shop and eshop APNEAMAN
  • Apnea Academy Second Level freediver
  • Member of the international freediving team APNEAMAN
  • ...more HERE

Jan Pohořelý

  • Leader of the shop and dispatch APNEAUTIC
  • Apnea Academy Instructor # IS14CZ4475
  • Member of the international freediving team APNEAMAN
  • ...more HERE

Services of the centre


The widest offer of freediving courses of all levels both in the Czech Republic and abroad

Trips and training events all over the world

Regular pool trainings led and unled

Courses and events for children

Individual lessons, trainings and consultations

Private courses and bespoke instruction

Sale of equipment of renowned global brands

Development and production of special freediving equipment under the brand APNEAUTIC

Internet specialized shop

Production of tailor-made suits of the brand Elios

Freediving equipment rental

Test centre of fins and computers

Service and repairs of equipment

Lung volume measurements

UW film production